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Rental Terms and Conditions
 Upon placing a rental order, a copy of your rental invoice will be provided or emailed.  All contracts require the following:
                        30% Non-Refundable Deposit of Invoice (Authorized Credit Card)
                        Signed Terms and Conditions
                        Completed Authorized Credit Card Form
Orders will not be held or processed until items above have been submitted.
All balances are to paid in full two (2) week prior to linen pickup or delivery date- authorized credit card on file will be charged, unless contacted by customer for payment options.
Deposit of 30% of total rental cost secures each item provided on the invoice for rental on your designated date, deposits will be applied toward invoice and remaining balance is due two (2) weeks prior to event date.
Deposit can be made either in person or over the phone.  If order is canceled, deposit of 30% is non-refundable and a store credit will be issued for balance (minus deposit) on next rental.
In the event of a cancellation , Joie  De will provide a refund, minus deposit - however refund will be provided via store credit of the total amount paid minus deposit; only with the presentation of original invoice.
Order Changes
Joie De' will not accommodate order changes made less than two prior to rental pickup or delivery.  All rental orders are to have quantities confirmed with Joie De' Linens two (2) weeks prior to pick up or delivery date.
If order change is requested less than 1 week prior to pickup/deliver date - a 15.00 additional charge will incur and will be applied to your credit card on file.
It is the customer's responsibility to review provided invoice, and contact us within 24hrs if invoice is incorrect.  Upon arrival of pickup/delivery - if invoice is incorrect-the customer will be liable for charges accrued of that rental.
Once an order leaves or premises full charges apply whether the lines are special event rentals are used or not.
Return/Replacement Charge 
 You acknowledge that it is your responsibility to return the linens in the same condition that you received them, except for normal soiling. Normal soiling consist food, beverages, and other consumable stains. It does not include wax, mildew, ink, burn holes, and/or other unusual damages. Linens are expected to be free of loose items before returning. Upon receipt of all linen, it is your responsibility to inspect them and inform us of any damages on the delivery date. Linens that are returned damaged are assumed to have to be damaged by the customer and will be charged according to this agreement. 
 There replacement cost of 3 times the rental rate will be charged in addition to the rental charge.  Chair covers have a standard replacement of $15.00 each.  All orders are counted prior to delivery, at the delivery site, upon completion of installation, at the site during pickup and also once the order has been returned to our warehouse.  In the event of damages or shortages, you will be notified by phone and emailed within 48 hours of return date.  It is the client’s responsibility to return shortages to Joie De’ Linens within 24hours of notification or the replacement charge will be billed to the credit card on file.  
The client is responsible for all items listed on the invoice at all times. Any loss, which occurs at the client’s facility or while in their possession, will be the client’s responsibility.  Once delivery and setup services are complete, the items are the responsibility of the client.  Any issues regarding lost at a facility will be between the client and the facility; however the client will be responsible for settling the placement charge.
Rental Installation
Rental Installation Prices: 70.00hr (Minimum of 2 hrs/Include Delivery)
All Linens and party rental installations items delivery and pickup times are confirmed with the facility/designee by Joie De' prior to the event date.  Rental times will be delivered and collected at the confirmed time by designee or facility, in any event items are not able to be collected, customers will incur an additional day of rental for all items at facility.
Force Majeure (Great Force)
Our obligation is to setup on time, however any unforeseen events beyond our control occur including natural disaster such as floods, earthquakes and other "Acts of God" if an act of God occurs Joie De' will refund via store credit (minus deposit).
All customers have the alternative to either return their rental orders or contract for pickup:
          Returns: Monday following a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday event (1p-5:30p)
          Returns: Next day following a Monday-Thursday event  (1p-5:30p)
Joie De' Linens can pick up the order on dates specified on your invoice; or Joie De' Linens can pick up the order immediately following your event as specified by customer.
Upon rental delivery and pickup all facilities and items must be accessible on specified date and time, if facility and items are not accessible at designated time and additional fee will be incurred.
The delivery and pick up charges will be noted on your rental invoice.  All pick ups which are schedule immediately following the event is submit to a charge of $75.00 pending on pickup time.
All Weekend Rentals Orders Returns will occur:
Mondays between the hours of 1p-6p
All Weekday Order Returns will occur:
Next day after event between the hours of 1p-6p
A late charge of 45.00 will be automatically charged for linens received after 7:00p
Any rental items Not Returned at the close of the business day will be charged a per day rental fee based on the rental invoice.
(Unkont all Sashes/Self tie Chair Covers when returned, no chair covers outdoors without proper covering)
If you are installing rentals items, pickup/returns
1118 N. Main St. Suite 2G
Pearland, Texas 77581
Payment Options
An authorized credit card on file is required for all rentals
We Do Not Accept Checks
Make Money Orders and Cashiers Check Payable to:
Joie De' Linen Rentals
when making in store payments
(We Do Accept Cash, Debt (with Visa Logo), Visa and Discover)
Credit Card Authorization
 I hereby guarantee that the following is a valid credit card upon which I have signature rights.  I do hereby authorize that Joie De’ Linens may place all charges for rentals including any replacement charges for missing or damaged items on this credit card.  Notwithstanding, customer agrees to provide a payment in full in the event the card specified is not used
Signed: _____________________________________                     Date: ___________
Name of Cardholders: ________________________________________________________
Credit Card (circle one)                      VISA       Discover      Debit (Visa Logo) 
Card Billing Address: ________________________________________________________
Card# ____________________________________________________________________
Last 3 digits on back of Card: ____________           Exp. Date: ____________
Total: __________
Should we post a 30% deposit to Credit Card      Yes                  No 
Should we post balance to Credit Card                  Yes                  No
All Balances are to be Paid In Full 2 weeks prior to event date